industry 4.0

Smart Solution

  • Reducers and AC Motors

    Worm motors, gears, coaxial, orthogonal, with powers up to 500 KW

  • Inverter

    Starter, V/F, Vector, Modular

  • Martinetti and Rinvii

    Angular Unimec

  • Servomotors

    Servomotors Brushless, Stepper, Synchronous and Asynchronous Servomotors, Servo-propelled, Self-braking, Feedback

Expert Solution

  • Drives and Brushless Motors

    Basic servo, with motion profiles, modular, with separate or integrated power supply, NC

  • Special engines

    Servo motors with dedicated drive for non-standard applications

  • Wittenstein Alpha pressure reducers

    Axial and orthogonal small-play precision reducers with torque from 4 to 40,000 Nm

  • Rack and pinion systems

    Quality 5 and 6 racks and pinions for linear handling, complete package and possibility to supply them according to design