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Movement has infinite aspects.
All in the catalogue.

The selection of linear motion systems, both simple and integrated, is now able to meet the most diverse project needs.
The aspect that requires most attention is therefore the choice of the most suitable component for each application. A.T.P. staff can provide the most effective solution by proposing the best brands available. ATP, with its specialised cutting centre for linear products, can ensure the highest quality and reliability in achieving the specific needs of each individual customer.

Energy is everything.
Here are the solutions to transmit it.

The transmission of motion is a key point in every project. Wherever pneumatic components or powered mechanical and non-mechanical systems are required, A.T.P. is able to offer a range of products and services for the transmission of motion which ensures the ideal solution for each individual case.
A.T.P., in addition to distributing pneumatic components, can provide advice on the design of an entire system and arrange for the supply of pneumatic panels.

The quality of every design is in its components.

Components are simple elements of a complex assembly.
But only the right component enables the assembly to work at its best.
A.T.P. can provide a range of components so vast so as to meet any requirement: from anti-vibration systems, to gaskets, from adhesives, to handles, to the standard components for machines, equipment and moulds.
Choosing A.T.P. means you have technically advanced products and components, in-depth consulting services, quality certification and an efficient logistics system.
Finding the right solution for the customer is the goal of A.T.P. In the vast market of industrial components, this is the ambitious target that A.T.P. pursues paying great attention to every detail, even to those parts which, wrongly, are often considered secondary, but instead they characterise a quality product.